Multiple benefits of fan lights


In recent years, fan lights have become a popular product in summer, allowing you to enjoy the fusion of lighting and coolness in your home. If you don't know TA yet, it's necessary to take a look at the following content


Compared to turning on the air conditioner, it is necessary to close the doors and windows tightly and prevent air circulation. The fan lights blow infinitely close to the natural wind towards the human body, providing a large and stable air supply area, with a soft and comfortable wind feel, which is more comfortable than floor fans.


For people with rhinitis, they are actually unwilling to turn on the air conditioning. Children who frequently blow air conditioning are prone to respiratory diseases; Elderly people have old cold legs and cannot breathe the cool breeze.

Easy to use

The fan and light are combined and controlled separately, saving installation space and occupying no space. Equipped with a multifunctional control system, the wind speed is divided into low, medium, and high, and it also has a timing function to meet various needs. There are three color adjustment options for lighting, suitable for use in different places.

energy conservation

For early summer and early autumn, the weather is not particularly hot, and fan lights can completely replace air conditioning. In air-conditioned rooms, auxiliary air conditioners can be used to increase air circulation, reduce air conditioning load, and save a little electricity bills.


When not blowing, the fan leaves will retract themselves, restoring the appearance of the chandelier, simple and elegant. Its minimalist design, natural form, and a hint of casual taste, paired with living rooms or restaurants, are both beautiful and generous.

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