Floor Lamp with Fan
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Floor Lamp with Fan

Floor Lamp with Fan's Size: D260*1700mm
Product color temperature: 3000K
Product power: Lamp 2*6W, Fan 2*3.6W
Product Features: Touch, Dimming, 3 Speeds

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Product Description

This floor lamp with fan is not just a floor lamp, it also incorporates the functions of a traditional floor fan, allowing you to enjoy more convenience and comfort in use. Whether you are writing, reading, or typing on the computer, this floor lamp can provide you with enough light to better protect and care for your eyes.

Since the product adopts a semi-hose design, it is more convenient to use. You can move it wherever you need and adjust the light angle and brightness at any time to make the light more suitable for your needs.

In addition, this floor lamp with fan also adopts KD design, which disassembles the product into multiple components to make the packaging more compact, which not only reduces transportation costs but also reduces environmental pollution. It is a very environmentally friendly product.

In general, this floor lamp with fan combines the functions of light and fan. With the half-hose design and KD function, it becomes a multi-functional, convenient and environmentally friendly floor lamp. Whether you are at home or in the office, you can use it with confidence and enjoy a more comfortable lighting experience.

floor lamp with fan

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