Single Head Floor Lamp Fan
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Single Head Floor Lamp Fan

Single Head Floor Lamp Fan's Size: D240*1700mm
Product color temperature: 3000K
Product power: Lamp 6W, Fan 3.6W
Product Features:Touch,Dimming,3 Speeds,

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Product Description

This newly launched single head floor lamp fan has the dual functions of fan and lamp. It not only provides a cool blowing feeling, but also has a soft lighting effect.

Different from traditional floor fans, this floor fan light integrates a fan and a light to bring consumers a better experience. Its superior fan function can realize infinite adjustment of wind speed, and the wind power can be adjusted as you like. The high-quality lighting function can also achieve infinite dimming, creating a soft and comfortable lighting environment.

In terms of design, this single head floor lamp fan adopts a semi-flexible design and can swing freely, allowing you to adjust the angle and height at any time to suit different usage situations. Superior fan and light functions, as well as flexible design, make this floor lamp an ideal choice for home, office and other occasions.

Its KD design can disassemble the product into multiple components, making the packaging more compact, which not only reduces transportation costs but also reduces environmental pollution. It is a very environmentally friendly product.

All in all, this single head floor lamp fan's dual functionality, flexible design, and high-quality materials and craftsmanship make it an excellent product choice. Its appearance will bring more comfort and convenience to your life.

single head floor lamp fansingle head floor lamp fan

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